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so, i have no self confidence or self esteem. NONE.
it effin sucks.
my boyfriend is amazing, :) and is helping me out a great deal in this aspect. i'm going to put a picture on this blog, and i shall write all the things i like about it. even if there aren't many. because i need to be more positive -_- 
here goes. 

  I like my hair. 

  My eyes are pretty.
   I like my smile. (this is more of a smirk but yeah)

    I *sigh* like my curves.

   I like my boobs. o.O
   I like my style in clothes.

   that's all i can come up with..
i sound conceited. oh well.

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Posted on 06:38PM on Dec 24th, 2010
YAY for this post!!! You have inspired me hunney! I should trying doing the same sometime :D
Posted on 03:10PM on Dec 26th, 2010

i'm glad i inspired you:)

get on that blog sis! hehe
Posted on 10:04PM on Jan 6th, 2011
see this is proof you CUTE
Posted on 10:06PM on Jan 6th, 2011
Posted on 10:06PM on Jan 6th, 2011
you and chicky both need glasses
Posted on 10:08PM on Jan 6th, 2011
=) yes you BOTH need glasses.
Posted on 10:09PM on Jan 6th, 2011
egh you guys are insane.
Posted on 10:10PM on Jan 6th, 2011
doesn't make us wrong
Posted on 10:11PM on Jan 6th, 2011
oh but it does
Posted on 10:12PM on Jan 6th, 2011
nope even blind can see your cute
Posted on 10:13PM on Jan 6th, 2011
Posted on 10:13PM on Jan 6th, 2011
hey! Im insane but, im honest.
Posted on 07:58AM on Jan 16th, 2011
lovely, add up with confidence then you'll be marvelous. :)
Posted on 09:48PM on Dec 16th, 2012
Yours is a true beauty that you haven't come to realize yet... much like this girl:,,20290121_1148235_999104,00.html

I hope... some day... if you haven't already... that you will realize that you were fearfully & wonderfully crafted... BEAUTIFUL.
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