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Me Then, Me Now

This is Me Then. One year ago. I was different, of course. I over-plucked my eyebrows because I was embarrassed of them. I tried to look alluring or seductive rather to real. You can tell with my hair, eyes, facial expression, and lack of shirt. (no lack of chest though..) I was under-confident and trying to fit in. I was cutting at this time, and that addiction sucked to get through. It really did. Right about when this picture was taken, I was whoring around EP and the world trying to get noticed in the completely wrong fashion. I now bring you Me Now.

Hi. This picture is exactly one day old. My eyebrows are now groomed but not in a state of constant surprise. I have clothes on and a real smile. I am a happy me. My face isn't hiding behind my hair, either. I'm more confident   now compared to a year ago. I've gotten braces, yes, and grown into myself a bit better. AHHHH. And I also don't care what people think of me as much. I don't look for attention, I only ask that my words be heard. This is a much more at-peace version of me. Not saying every day that I'm like this, but I'm thankful for the good days I have :) OH and I have a guy that is seriously so insanely perfect. And we're nearly dating, practically but not officially. YAYYAYYAY <3 anyway, thanks for reading. This was more just for reflection of changes and whatnot than anything else. :)


i've figured out why one of my friends is ignoring me.
she apparently takes offense over when i COMPLETELY jokingly say things like heyy bitch or sup my slut to her, which is completely stupid because she says it right back.. oh well. if she doesn't want to be my friend suddenly over that, her loss.

my best friend is closer to me now, we aren't really drifting anymore. we hung out tonight.

and then the other girl, heaven.. i just confronted her and asked  why the hell she hates me too.
i like her dirty looks at me, it's really nice.

some friends i have.

dear john.

dear bro

you arent the happiest hamster right now. so imma try to be less stupid and more sweet (yea right) xD and say something nice.

you're the best brother ever. :))

i swear people on EP are like my second family(:

ANYWAYS. this blog will most likely be an epic fail.

john, if i could either A. come and give you a hug and a sandwich B. send a moldy (when it gets to you) sandwich and a teddy bear i would. i wish i could help you feel better right now but i guess i'll just have to talk  to you, as much as i can. hopefully my stupidity will make you crack a few smiles. :)

so yeah, bro, i love ya and you NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP.

your silly superhero sandwichmaking sister ;)

(:< for john.

i would do two of myself at once. XD

lol i love facebook likes..

Girl Language-
I'm cold-Hug me
Whatever.-I'm mad.
I have a headache-stop talking.
Using periods and one word replies-I'm pissed off, back away.
I'm fine-I'm not fine, I just don't wanna talk

how true.

my talk to myself-

dear self.

you have no self confidence. that is not an excuse to hate yourself. you may not have the perfect image of yourself that you want, but you aren't obese. nowhere near it, in fact. there's things you hate about yourself but GET OVER IT. you aren't perfect, and that's ok.

you think you're ugly but really you're just not great. your friends are beautifulll and they overshadow you but you need to learn to get your own spotlight instead of hiding in a posse and being hurt all the time.

you may not get all the guys but honestly, that's okay. they don't know how to treat girls anyway. 
you may be a bitch but thats okay. :D

i'm done with the fukkin attention whore blog nao. bye, yoo.

this is for john....


i'm cute..

john better talk to me now. -_-

the things i do for my brother. xD

im so excited!

I would TOTALLY do me.
right here right now.



*sighs* i hate you john


i asked john if his prince charming wanted to duel with my lightsaber...

and now..
i  must admit to being cute


well since i must hold up my side of the deal

(btw that comment was totally worth it..)

i'm cute.

happy john?


:D GAYS! <3


lmfao. this is genius!

Dear Chipdip


TEHEHE. wisconsin priiiide bitchezz. this is where i'm going for college:) UW madison! <3


this may be my favorite picture ever. :)


so, i have no self confidence or self esteem. NONE.
it effin sucks.
my boyfriend is amazing, :) and is helping me out a great deal in this aspect. i'm going to put a picture on this blog, and i shall write all the things i like about it. even if there aren't many. because i need to be more positive -_- 
here goes. 

  I like my hair. 

  My eyes are pretty.
   I like my smile. (this is more of a smirk but yeah)

    I *sigh* like my curves.

   I like my boobs. o.O
   I like my style in clothes.

   that's all i can come up with..
i sound conceited. oh well.

i don't know who i am.

I have no real view of who i am.
I'm just here. I mean different things to different people. If someone asked me, what is one thing that describes you?
i wouldn't have an answer. 

my only answer would be this: look at me. this is me. 

day twoo/three??

alright- so today i ate:

breakfast; nothing sadly D:
lunch-hot dog, milk, salad
after school-tiny bite size cupcake (yeah, i KNOW! hehe)
dinner- 2 waffles with strawberry jam and milk.

huh i feel like i don't eat much now that i'm thinking about what i eat.

going to start this.

every day i'm going to blog about what i've eaten that day. i'm trying to start eating healthier, maybe this will help. if i have to post every thing i eat, i might as well make it sound better by making it healthy right? :)

breakfast- small bowl of cereal, apple juice.
one packet of fruit snacks in between.
lunch- turkey, bread, potatoes n gravy,  cranberry sauce, cupcake. small quantities of all.
dinner- ramen noodles (again) and a piece of plan bread, and apple juice.

okay, i'll post another tomorrow xD


Everytime I see her and I look into her beautiful blue eyes it's as if time stand still and nothing else matters at that moment as if all the misery and pain in the world had just gone away and what may be a minute feels like an hour I feel a warmth in my heart and I smile so hard that I feel my face is going to break she look at me with those innocent eyes and Tells me how she feels I can't help but feel like the luckiest Person in the world :) I love ya Kira
this is how you're amazing.

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